Synigy is fulfilling the promise 
that CRM has failed to deliver.


Integrative Platforms Powered by
AI and Deep Machine Learning 

Intelligent Assisted Sales

Intelligent Assisted Forecasting

Intelligent Assisted Marketing


Client acquisition is TIME CONSUMING and has a LOW SUCCESS RATE

B2B Average Sales Cycle

According to recent data published by Salesforce, hunting for leads takes 80% of a salesperson’s time on average. Only 13% of leads move to opportunity. 

It is hard to believe, but the data show that only 6% of leads turn into deals. 



Synigy leverages AI and deep machine learning to correct the inherent inefficiencies and failures in the current sales approach. Our platforms drive a disciplined, repeatable sales process that compresses the sales cycle and thereby supports intelligent, cost-effective client acquisition. 

promises to increase revenue, but what surprised me the most is how quickly this can be accomplished. Not only has my revenue increased rapidly, I have reliable predictive power around my financials. The sales team loves the tools, and we now have a repeatable selling process that works. 

Synigy’s Intelligent Revenue Suite

The Synigy revenue suite is easy to use, works with our CRM, and I truly believe that it can drive revenue at any company.

Rose Blackburn

CEO, QuantumPM




Synigy's guarantee: you will DRIVE REVENUE this quarter.
Top Line Growth while Reducing Cost of Client Acquisition

Mapping of Ideal Customer Persona

Continuous compression of sales cycle through AI

Deep machine learning to populate and calibrate enhanced leads

Elimination of false start sales cycles

Guided targeting of decision makers and key influencers: know when and how

Identification, engagement, and expansion of target accounts

Analytical tracking of each ongoing pursuit

Insight into revenue per salesperson and across the sales team

Rich analytics on probability of closures

Tracking of each sales cycle against the ideal timeline

Crafted projections around market trends

Incorporation of exponential growth modeling generated from deep machine learning

Predictable Revenue Flow

Ensured best-in-class practices for strategic selling

Incorporation of success modeling

Management insight into sales performance, group level and by individual

Intuitive platform with built-in training

Leveraging of the collective knowledge on selling techniques via AI

Addition of only known, good data into your CRM

AI that co-manages cycles as mentor and supervisor

Repeatable Sales Process