Hi. We are synigy.

We believe in a more intelligent way of doing business... 

The Story Behind Our Story

Synigy’s CEO and founder, John Miller, had a vision of integrating a more scientific approach into the art of selling. He believed that today’s technologies could drive low-cost client acquisition and increased closures. Although the underlying elements could be complex, the solution had to be intuitive and user-friendly from the bottom up. 

Thus, John crafted his “dream team” which consists of diverse innovators experienced in science and technology, business analytics, and finance. We put our heads together and attacked the problem from every angle.

We are proud to have birthed the modern approach to sales, marketing and forecasting: a suite of revenue solutions that use deep machine learning and AI to capture and analyze complex data that drives everyday activities and provides a simple and condensed focus on revenue growth. 

Use Synigy deep machine learning and artificial intelligence, ai to improve client acquisition cost, revenue, B2B sales, ideal customer persona, closures, strategic selling, predictable revenue flow, and wins. Synergy. Synigysolutions.com.

Company Culture

We believe that we can change the world. Synigy is composed of bright, curious, engaging people who contribute unique perspectives and are unified by their desire to solve problems. We focus on creating an environment of engagement and empowerment, where each individual can learn, thrive, and grow. We support each other, challenge each other, and believe that life begins at the end of our comfort zone.


…and we’re having a blast.