The “Intelligent Revenue Suite” is a solution that provides a repeatable sales process, with predictable revenue flow and reduced cost of client acquisition. The suite is comprised of three modules:

  • Intelligent Assisted Sales

  • Intelligent Assisted Marketing

  • Intelligent Assisted Forecasting

The Intelligent Assisted Sales (IAS) platform comes out of the box with tools for impacting client acquisition costs, compressing the sales cycle, and ramping wins.  

When using IAS, sales teams will focus on their best fit prospects.  Our suite of predictive tools allows them to dive deeper and broader within target accounts to reach decision makers and key stakeholders.  This, coupled with a steady stream of alerts, lets them know when, how and who to engage. 

Using IAS, we search industry data bases utilizing a process called Deep Machine Learning to identify targets.  Resulting leads are imported into the client’s CRM and then further qualified by IAS prior to beginning the sales cycle.

The central IAS process is based on “success modeling” of wins and losses.  The “wins” map successful sales cycles that can be repeated and identify barriers to acceptance and the correct procedure to affect a positive outcome. To fully understand the different influencers within the cycle and to identify their concerns, personal wins and business wins, IAS employs a modified “Strategic Selling” approach. 

Image is Intelligent Assisted Sales IAS cloud platform on a laptop with cactus. Synigy solutions has an Intelligent Revenue Suite that impacts client acquisition cost, compresses sales cycle, drives revenue, using artificial intelligence AI tutor and deep machine learning. Synergy.

IAS provides the salesperson with an “AI tutor” to identify each step within the sales process. This process methodology employs both Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence methodologies. Anyone can execute the IAS platform.

Our system analyzes each sales cycle to identify what worked and what didn’t.  Thus, IAS is continually compressing the sales cycle for optimum performance. This methodology enables you to continue reducing your cost of sales. Equally important, the system identifies and filters low-confidence leads, preventing false cycles from the start.

IAS tracks each sales timeline against an ideal timeline, created from previous successful wins, to keep the salesperson on track. This close monitoring of all the sales engagements, enables you to increase the predictability of revenue flow.  

Image is a computer programmer, stretching, working on the Intelligent Assisted Sales IAS cloud platform, part of the Intelligent Revenue Suite by synigy solutions. The platforms help reduce the cost of sales, shorten the sales cycle, and employ strategic selling through deep machine learning and artificial intelligence, ai. Synergy.

Great news! Many of the core elements featured in the Marketing and Forecasting platforms are already included FREE in the

To guarantee the absolute best products possible, the Marketing and Forecasting platforms are undergoing beta testing and will be released to the public later this year. We are hard at work and cannot wait to drive your revenue in new ways!

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